McCandless Marketing

Qualified, motivated & experienced

Welcome to McCandless Marketing, a full-service advertising and media consulting company. Founded in 2015, we have a proven track record of success, having worked with notable clients such as the Total Tan Chain of tanning salons, Global Group of wine stores, Paragon Advertising, and Villa Maria College.

Previously, McCandless Marketing was an independent advertising and media consulting company and existed under the umbrella of Paragon Advertising. In 2015, we joined forces with 037 Creative to offer a full range of creative and media services to our clients. 037 Creative handles the complex art side, while McCandless Marketing specializes in the media side.

Our team is led by Scott McCandless, who has over thirty years of diverse experience as a media planner, radio producer, and copywriter. In fact, in 2016, McCandless Marketing won the American Advertising Agency Award for Best Radio commercial over 30 seconds for Mighty Taco "Siri-Us" commercial, which was revolutionary at the time it aired.

At McCandless Marketing, we specialize in social media, public relations, digital media, video production, drone video, website management, and content creation. We have a focus on the food service and education industries, but we are happy to accept projects from clients in any industry as we have experience in marketing for Beauty retail, cannabis, engagement market, dental, haunts, medical, Theme Parks, tourism, wine & spirits just to name a few.

Together with 037 Creative, we can handle any project of any size and scope. Including websites, print projects such as traditional brochures, and P.O.S. We also have experience in white-hat email marketing & site optimization. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients, and we look forward to working with you to help you achieve your marketing and advertising goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow.

Our team

Our team of three professional DJI camera drones are an arsenal of video and still photo magic. Each drone has a unique personality, bringing its own set of skills and capabilities to capture breathtaking footage from the skies.


DJI Mini 2

Ghost, the enigmatic drone, possesses a peculiar fondness for flying backwards. He is an extraordinary sight to witness as he gracefully defies gravity, soaring through the skies in reverse.

Among all the breathtaking locations he explores, Zoar Valley holds a special place in Ghost's heart. With its mesmerizing landscapes and enchanting beauty, this natural wonderland provides the perfect backdrop for his daring aerial escapades.

However, if there is one spot that truly captivates Ghost's adventurous spirit, it is none other than Highmark Stadium. The combination of Highmark's grandeur and Ghost's aerial prowess creates an unforgettable visual spectacle.


DJI Mavic Air 2

Arya, the workhorse, possesses a fondness for beaches & college campuses.  She can fly in up to 45 mph wind & she shoots in 4k, HD, & cinematic (auto) 

Arya enjoys Bennett Beach & Sunset Bay but her most remarkable accomplishment is catching a train over Letchworth State Park.

This drone is the largest craft in the arsenal & recently shot a documentary film.  Winter Flying is best left to Arya.




DJI Mini 3 Pro

At this time REENO his the newest drone to the arsenal.  He replaced Drogo who crashed after his fourth flight. 

The mini 3 pro can fly in up to 60 mph wind despite weighing only 249 g.  4k 60 frames a second is possible.

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