Inflight Laptop ban (ideas to chill people out)


Recent terror warnings regarding “bomb laptops” has the industry thinking of banning laptops from the cabin of all flights including domestic.  Traveling across the country without my laptop would be horrible.  I usually load work and movies and keep myself busy with the in flight wifi.  The only problem is battery life.

Why wouldn’t our airlines be proactive and offer keyboard tablets preloaded with movies, MS Office and a web browser for email?  That way they can keep the units plugged in and offer the fliers business and entertainment solutions.  Government loves to ban things in the name of safety without offering a solution to the citizens who have had to just “take it.”  “Flying is a privilege, not a right!”

The tablet idea could be the proactive idea that not only slaps terrorists in the face for trying to alter our way of life, but helps travelers deal with uncomfortable conditions with an escape.  I would think Apple, Google, Amazon or Microsoft would bid low for the opportunity.  Thoughts?


First thought of the day.

What is the next new technology that will revolutionize the world?  The Internet has made an unprecedented historical significance in the last US Presidential election.  The historical  impact of the Internet as a form of communication and an extension of media is mind blowing.  Yet, without electricity there is no Internet!  What is the next “Electricity” to be discovered?