“Intellectual correctness” is the “Alt. Rights” equal to SJW PC Police.

First let me say, anyone who marches arm and arm with a Neo Nazi is trash. You are marching with Holocaust deniers, Hitler celebrators, and the purest evil there is.  Conservatives have a logical argument (which I call intellectual correctness) to the terrible things that happened last weekend. Yes, a group of counter protesters who did not have a permit counter attacked the Neo Nazis. What was expected, a cheering section? When you go out and yell violent, hateful things and propose violent solutions to the problems you invent, your result will be predetermined.  Easy argument right?

I fell for the Alt. right for more than a year. I bought into the Alex Jones’ cult of personality and his anti-Clinton agenda. Alex is an amazing broadcaster and a sharp person intellectually. I do admit I find him super entertaining. Alex for a decade has exposed an agenda of elitism that has been proven to have evil motives. He encouraged critical thinking on catastrophic events (although he went too far on Sandy Hook.) He is now bought and owned by the Trump administration for his price of “breaking news.” Like Rush Limbaugh who was purchased by the Bush family in 2000, Alex is now owned by Trump. I stopped listening to Alex and I encourage people to stop blindly following Breitbart, Infowars, and Rense.  There is an agenda of intellectual arguments that disregard facts, feelings and point to a predetermined agenda. The Huffington Post does the same thing on the left.

The Confederacy should never be celebrated. Taking America into a Civil War debate a century and a half after the war is unthinkable. This is where fake intellectuals win the argument but lose the point. Yes, Confederates died and identified with their state and not their country. Some Confederates might have even been against slavery. My “great great something,” Col. William McCandless, died serving Pennsylvania in Gettysburg. He was a hero and is prominently portrayed at Gettysburg as a name on the Pennsylvania monument. He was on the side of the United States of America. He was for America first and gave his life.

My President, there were two sides to 9/11 attacks. There were two sides at Pearl Harbor. We do not celebrate evil. In an effort to troll you back, “I like Americans who are on the winning side.” Your false equivalency and hypocrisy in regards to the Confederacy will be your end. No, the Civil War was not just about slavery (intellectual point.) If you asked 10 people what was the reason of the civil war was fought 9 people will say “slavery.” That is intellectually wrong, as the war was fought over state’s rights. Putting up statues honoring Confederates is wrong and I do not care who did it (Dixiecrats;) it is wrong to honor traitors of the Constitution. For the emotional side, especially to African Americans, the Civil War has a different meaning and that meaning needs to be respected.

The President intellectually used the hypothetical taking down of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson statues to flame throw words at SJW liberals. This is also a false equivalency. Statues are just statues. Thomas Jefferson is the Jerry Seinfeld of College Campuses. He is demonized for owning slaves, yet his words inspired a quest of freedom and equality that exists to this day. Maybe Trump should ask his education secretary to put a plan together to focus on the positives of our forefathers. But no, Twitter is easier for this goofball. Making enemies is more fun.  Poking the less fortunate with a stick is what bullies do, and this is the biggest bully of them all, ever!

Trump’s refusal to blame the one side that ran over a young woman and killed her, as well as his delay in any response for 24 hours after the initial riots is a telling side. Factless on Twitter, Trump has called out Islamic terror in Europe and stateside for the past two years within moments of a breaking story on Drudge, Infowars or Breitbart. Yet with video of David Duke and the outtakes from Vice TV(which shows a raw feed and was embedded with the Nzis) and the other networks, the camera shows the vitriol and ugliness of the Trump dressed psychopaths.  You can not defend that nor say nice people were also protesting with the Nazis until those bad Antifa people came along and ruined it.  The president is  not “playing to his base,” he is now the leader of  (base) aka the white supremacist movement, and he has to own it, which now gives a real meaning to his “take our country back” campaign promise.

Let Mike Pence have at it, please, before another person dies.  I understand that the left lost an election and that policies that I do not agree with will be pushed forward with Paul Ryan and company.  I can take that, because a representative democracy is about multiple opinion.  What I can not understand is “propaganda” taken right out of the Nazi playbook is being executed to perfection.  I wrote this not to bash conservatives but to ask them to step back and be wrong for a minute.  It is ok to be wrong, I was when I voted…..


Being in the Middle with threats of Civil War

According to the latest poll numbers, President Trump has about a 30% approval rate.  Meaning 70% of the citizens of the United States of America do not like our President.  And why would they?  There has never been a phenomemom like Donald Trump.  The cast of characters like Stephen Miller, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Sarah Sanders, and the Trump family has become the nation’s new reality tv.   We are watching”Jersey Shore,” “Dance Moms,” and “Survivor” on steroids.  What many of us hoped for in voting for Donald Trump was an unmasking of the deep state, and the return to the “people” in power.  Instead we got Dr. Evil from Austin Powers and a gang of evildoers like we have never seen in reality tv.  Yes, most of us are watching…

Being in the middle is difficult.  The middle can be mind numbing.  Lena Dunham, the left’s most heinous evil spokesperson, who will do anything to draw attention to her ugliness, recently (most likely) made up a story about American Airlines personnel ranting about “Trans people.”  Dunham’s agenda is to spread hate by preaching against hate.  Do trans-people really need this horrible human being to be their spokesperson?  Did two American Airlines employees just start talking out loud about how they hated trans people?  NO!  People just don’t have that conversation in public while they are working and in private it is none of our business what they talk about.  Her story is most likely a lie, and lying is vogue right now.  Heck the President and his staff are lying daily, so why not have everyone lie?

What is more outrageous than Dunham is the evil right wing radio show host Michael Savage. Broadcaster Howard Stern has described Savage over the years as a man who built an audience hiding from his heritage(his real last name is Weiner.)  Savage( an extreme Nationalist) has played on the fears of an Islamic invasion of the United States.  Like all Conservative radio hosts, his show is still anti Obama and anti Clinton.  This week, Michael Savage threatened ANYONE who does not support Trump as an enemy.  He threatened civil war if Donald Trump is impeached.  Ok, so if the Congress finds that Trump obstructed justice by firing James Comey, as well as colluded with a foreign government, he should be given a free pass because “Hillary and Obama did it too.” 

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Mission Accomplished? Nope!

Ok, forget for a moment that the extreme left and right are both horrible.  Dunham for as gross as she is, isn’t threatening to kill anyone.  Yet, Savage and Alex Jones, guys who are excellent broadcasters, make no bones about it, if Trump is replaced there will be a call to arms of the people who pack the arenas at the Trump rallies.  And then what?  They never (like all chicken hawks) have a plan for the victory.  Oh, they are good at putting up banners and declaring victory, but what are those Christian Soldier going to do once they clean the country of liberal scum?  Does one think they will just go back to work and drive a chevy, eat apple pie and watch baseball?  No, power is corrupt.  Which is why the Trumpian White House is so scary.  Think about the messages that have been sent by Jeff Sessions, Stephen Miller, and the disgraced Anthony Scaramucci.  This is “third world dictator messaging” that has been perfected by all of the greats like Duarte, Erdogan, and any other dictator who drapes buildings in massive pictures of their “dear leaders.”  Punishing journalist, trashing the messaging on the statue of liberty, and declaring the President an elite athlete are all third world tactics.  Think of the North Korean golf star Kim Jong-un and his impressive hole n’ one’s.

As far as I can see, the extreme right wants a surveillance state (if you are not doing anything wrong why worry) and the left wants to suppress language and critical thinking (identity politics.)  Both extremes will kill the country.  Left or Right, when the picture goes up on a building, it is too late.


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Left Wing Dictator Hugo Chavez (deceased)
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Right Wing Nationalist Vladimir Putin